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Face visor

Face visors or shields are, for the most part, more comfortable, less claustrophobic and easier to clean than their fabric counterparts.  A face visor blocks out aerosol droplets. It is easy to clean with water and soap and is reusable. The visor is made from polythene. It is 0.5 mm thick which ensures flexibility and durability.

  • crystal-clear material
  • complete coverage of the face
  • hook & loop fastener
  • perfect adaptation to any head size

Minimum order of 20 pcs.
20 pcs. DKK 53 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery
50 pcs. DKK 45 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery
100 pcs. DKK 40 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery
150 pcs. DKK 36 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery
+1.000 pcs. DKK 26 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery

Delivery: 8-10 workdays after accepted order.

The visor is not CE-approved.

Expression ApS accepts no liability for the effectiveness or proper use of the visors.

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