Exhibition stands

Stand out with your exhibition stand. The design and construction of your exhibition stand can determine whether you get a positive response at a trade show or fair. We know that your message is unique and your exhibition stand needs to be unique as well.  We take your challenges and wishes into account and will give you suggestions of how we think your ideal design could look like. Call our expert for free advice +45 6165 3597 or e-mail us now at info@expression.nu.

Exhibition stand design

We know about the trends within the industry and how exhibition stands, fabric display stands and systems have changed throughout the years. We guarantee a creative solution tailored to your business. We decorate your exhibition stand with the exact wall, banners and brochure holders that match your wishes, needs and budget. We have exhibition stands from 9 km2 up to 1,000 m2. When you choose the design of your exhibition stand, you should remember that there are advantages and disadvantages to every type. It is important to choose a stand that reflects your style in order to be eye-catching and attract potential customers.

Exhibition stand experts

Expression has over 9 years of experience designing eye-catching exhibition stands. We sell fabric display stands separately and complete exhibition stands that are customized to your needs – without extra charges. We would love to help you design and construct an exhibition stands at a good price.

Buying an exhibition stand can be a long process as you must consider the design, material and setup. That is why Expression has made it easy and offers a complete exhibition package ready to setup. We also have exhibition equipment such as counters and lighting. Do you have specific measurements for your exhibition stand? We can tailor a complete solution with fabric display stands, counters, podiums, brochure holders and hanging ceiling banners at a reasonable price.

Our complete exhibition package is perfect if you are in a hurry. All you have to do is choose a size and send your graphics. We will then make sure that everything is ready for the exhibition, trade show or other events.

Flexible exhibition stands

An exhibition stand from Expression is so flexible that it can be adapted to new exhibitions. You can easily replace the graphics on our exhibition stands, fabric display stands, brochure holders and hanging ceiling banners. That way, you can reuse the graphics in other stands or displays. We call them flexible exhibition stands because you do not have to invest in a new system every time.

We pride ourselves in delivering products and services in the highest quality. We guarantee that whichever exhibition stand you choose, you have great flexibility, dialogue and customer service, great logistics and fast setup and takedown. We can help you set your exhibition stand up and take it down again – you can also do it on your own. It is entirely up to you. Give us a call or e-mail us to make your vision into reality.

Exhibition and display setup and takedown services

A lot of our customers have asked us about setup and takedown services. A lot of people are under great pressure during an exhibition or trade show that they do not have time to set it up or take it down. We have exhibition and display setup and takedown services. Our competent suppliers can set up our stand or system so that it is ready for when the exhibition begins. Afterward, they can take it all down so that you and your colleagues don’t have to worry about that part.

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