Pop-up fabric display stand (LED)

Expression po15-p50 LED
LED pop-up fabric display stand with textile print. Great product for a reasonable price.

Easy setup – LED-ladder is permanent in the system.
You can connect 3 LED-ladders to the transformer.
A set includes a pop-up fabric display stand, 4 LED modules, 4 sidebars, 2 back bars, stabilizing feet and a transport bag.

Illuminated LED frame:
Order a suitable amount for your system. One set = 3 panels.
A set includes 3 LED ladders and 1 transformer 220 W
Comes in a padded carry bag
One ladder = 50 watt / 110 LM

Version       1×3            2×3            3×3            4×3 
Width         79 cm      152 cm      225 cm      298 cm
Height       225 cm     225 cm     225 cm      225 cm
Depth         34 cm       34 cm        34 cm        34 cm
Weight kg.   2+4         14+9          17+13        19+17

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