Half shield

Protective half shield for mouth and nose

A half-visor is a comfortable solution that protects you without limiting your breathing.

The visor is made from polythene and the noseband is made from soft felt which means that it is comfortable and suitable for long-term wear. Our mini visor is easily adjustable. A half shield is lighter and more comfortable for long-term wear and is easier for people with glasses to use. It is easy to clean with water and soap and is reusable.

Our mini visor for the mouth and nose is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is an evolution of the traditional face visor and has all the benefits:

  • Effective protection
  • Covers mouth and nose
  • Easy to breathe
  • Comfortable and suitable for long-term wear

Minimum order of 20 pcs.
20 pcs. DKK 38.95 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery
100 pcs. DKK 29.95 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery
1000 pcs. DKK 22.95 pr. pcs. ex tax/ delivery

Delivery: 4-5 workdays after accepted order.

The visor is not CE-approved.

According to the new announcement from the Danish Ministry of Health on October 28, 2020, our half shield can now be used in public. They write: A visor is a plastic shield that covers eyes, nose and mouth or nose and mouth but is not close-fitting. Read the announcement (in Danish) here.

Limited supply.

It is important to use the visor correctly in combination with the other guidelines. Expression ApS accepts no liability for the effectiveness or proper use of the visors.

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